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PH has unleashed its weaknesses, Malaysians need a new strong Government- MIC

Press statement by :
Datuk A Kohilan Pillay
Vice President
Malaysian Indian Congress( MIC)

Malaysia needs a new strong government.

Malaysian’s have been exposed to immature conduct or “sandiwara” from the Pakatan Harapan government.

We have seen the sandiwara of a resignation of the prime minister at 1pm and appointed as new interim Prime Minister at 6pm . 
It seems more like a disciplinary teacher who is discipline his student. 

At end of the day we have seen everyone are begging him to stay on as prime minister and But why do you need to do this when the time can be better used for the benefit of rakyat.
Is it because the rakyat can forget all the Pakatan Harapan’s shortcomings? Will the Prime minister merajuk again if it didn’t go according to his whim. I wonder will Malaysian’s fall for this trick?

Tun M, What is the need to wait till after APEC? Is DS Anwar Ibrahim not capable to lead today ? Do your component partners actually have any trust on you to fullfill your promise therefore they cornered you to pledge hand over to DS Anwar.

The infighting have came to grand end when Prime minister tendered his resignation and the entire cabinet minister have lost their position. This is something new even for Malaysia’s politic. 

Is there any guarante this infighthing will never happen again? Only god will know. How can you trust a government who can’t even settle their in house problem therefore settle the nation’s arising issues?

Instead of improving the nation’s economy the present government have undermine the nation’s economic. The share market itself is already strong prove of their incapability . 

This episode itself made the nation becoming the laughing stock. How can outside world trust this government again. 

Will the investor be happy to bring their investment to Malaysia without knowing what going to happen tomorrow? The number of new investment it’s self proofs that you have failed the nation you wanted to save.

The nation need to be save from this power crazy Pakatan Harapan governnent or else the rakyat will suffer .

The only viable solution is to dissolve the current parliment and let the the rakyat chose a new stable government for the future of the nation.

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