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The Malaysian Indian Congress Flag

The Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) (Tamil: மலேசிய இந்திய காங்கிரஸ்) is a Malaysian political party and is one of the founding members of the ruling coalition, Barisan Nasional, previously known as the Alliance, that has been in power since the country achieved independence in 1957.

The MIC was established in August 1946, and has ceased to exist at the end of World War II, to fight for Indian independence from British colonial rule. After India gained its independence, MIC involved itself in the struggle for the independence of Malaya (now Malaysia which was achieved in 1957.

It positioned itself for representation on behalf of the Indian community in the post-war development of the country. The MIC joined the National Alliance comprising the United Malays National Organization (UMNO) and the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) in 1954 which became the Barisan Nasional in 1973 with further expansion in the number of component parties.


The aims and objects of the Congress shall be:-
. To safeguard and defend the independence and sovereignty of Malaysia;
. To uphold and preserve the Constitution of Malaysia and the principles of Rukun Negara;
. To safeguard and promote the political, economic, educational, cultural and social interests of Indians in Malaysia;
. To represent, express and give effect to the legitimate aspirations of Indians in Malaysia;
. To promote and maintain inter-racial harmony and goodwill;
. To consider, assist and deal with all matters affecting the interests of the whole or any section of the Community in a fair and just manner;
. To co-operate or work with other organizations whose interests and objects are similar to those of the Congress;
. To promote the advancement of Malaysia in co-operation with other communities;
. Generally to do all such acts and things as may be conducive to the furtherance of all or any of the objects of the Congress.