People’s Representative

Members of the Dewan Negara

YB Senator Tan Sri Dato’ Sri S.A Vigneswaran

President of the Senate

Tan Sri Vigneswaran s/o Sanasee is currently the tenth President of the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), a major component party of Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition. He is also the incumbent President of the Dewan Negara, or Senate, of Malaysia. He was appointed as a Senator on 23 June 2014 for a three-year term. He took the office of the President of the Senate on 26 April 2016. Vigneswaran is the son of the late Sanyasi, JP, a former MIC parliament member in the 1980s.

YB Senator Datuk T. Mohan


MIC vice-president Datuk T. Mohan was sworn in as a senator for the first time in November 2017. Datuk T. Mohan is credited with organizing the Sukan India Malaysia, a platform for Malaysian Indians to compete in various sports for the past four years. He is married to newscaster S. Logeswari and has three sons and a daughter. Datuk T. Mohan was MIC Youth chief from 2009 to 2013.

YB Senator Dato’ Dr. S. Ananthan


Dato’ Dr. S. Ananthan is currently the Kedah MIC Chairman. He became a member of the said party on 10 January 1988. Being a long and dedicated member of Kedah MIC, he was appointed as Senator by the Kedah State Assembly (DUN) on 15 August 2017. Prior to his stint in full-time politics, he was a lecturer in a teaching training institute. He had obtained a Ph.D. in Educational Management & Leadership from University Sains Malaysia (USM) in the year 2016.

Member of Parliament

YB Datuk Seri M.Saravanan

Deputy President

Datuk Seri Saravanan s/o Murugan commonly referred to as M. Saravanan is the member of the Parliament of Malaysia for the Tapah constituency in Perak. He is a member of the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) and was the former Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports in the Barisan Nasional coalition government of Najib Tun Razak.

Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri-ADUN

YB Encik R. Vidyananthan

ADUN – Kahang, Johor

YB Dato’ L. Manickam

Jeram Padang, Negeri Sembilan

YB Encik K. Ravinkumar 

Tenggaroh, Johor