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Reduce the course fees of higher learning institutes and expand free internet for students, MIC Youth urges govt

KUALA LUMPUR, May 31: The National MIC Youth today has urged the government with requests to reduce course fees in tertiary institutions as well as increase free student internet quota until end of the year.

“The Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) has announced earlier this week that all university lectures must be conducted purely online until December 31st, 2020. Exceptions will be made to five different categories as advised by MOHE. We request Dato Dr Noraini Ahmad, Minister of Higher Education to urge tertiary institutions to reduce their course fees implied upon students in accordance with the changes in Malaysian education system due to the Covid-19 outbreak,” suggested Thiripurabavan Muniandy, Head of the National MIC Youth Education Bureau.

“Lecture theatres and similar venues are no longer utilized by students during their candidature with the university lectures being conducted online. Also, other face to face learning modules such as laboratory sessions and library research and learning activities are also switched to online mode. Thus, any course fees related to facilities usages should be reduced or even eliminated to reduce students’ financial expenses. This measure will also encourage future and current students to be more open and encouraged towards online learning.”

“Besides that, currently free 1GB internet passes are given to mobile users across the country during the conditional MCO period. However, we believe that this quota amount is no longer sufficient to be exclusively used for online learning by university students. Hence, we also urge the government to arrange for service network providers to either increase students’ free internet quota or give out student special free internet plans to ensure a smooth and effective online learning experience.”

“Therefore, the National MIC Youth under the leadership of Thinalan T Rajagopalu hopes that Higher Education Minister, Dato Dr Noraini Ahmad able to initiate fees reduction and additional internet quata as means to help university students as the country goes through this challenging period,” he added.