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It’s your instigation and power craze that caused the Cameron Highlands farms demolition, Prof (D)Ramasamy!

Press Statement by Datuk M. Asojan, MIC Secretary General

I refer to the article that was published in MalaysiaKini Web Portal on 23rd December 2019, entitled ‘BN’s treachery cause of demolition of farms in Cameron Highlands’ written by the Penang Deputy Chief Minister II Prof P.Ramasamy.

The article directly depicts that MIC deceived the farmers to withdraw the interim injunction they had obtained earlier against the Pahang State Government’s evacuation orders by convincing the farmers that MIC would ensure amicable solutions for their woes.

We would like to state unequivocally and without reservations clearly that MIC had no part in the farmers withdrawing the injunction on 30th September 2019. We have solid evidence from one of the farmers who led to file the case and later withdrawn the injunction on their own accord without any interference by MIC.

Ramasamy’s accusation of the alleged involvement of MIC in the withdrawal of the suit is nothing other than a bald-faced blatant lie! As usual, it’s his political gimmick to ignite blame games for his own fame and political mileage. The truth is it’s your instigation and power craze that results in today’s debacle of the farmers, Ramasamy!

Can you deny that Pakatan Harapan leaders, particularly from your own DAP, had promised that the federal government controlled by them will protect the farmers during the Cameron Highlands by-election early this year? You are the one who have instigated the farmers to pursue legal actions against the state government, while MIC was striving for a ‘win-win’ solution to assist the farmers!

Can you deny that repeated political promises made by Pakatan Harapan, especially DAP to protect and help farmers in Cameron Highlands who were facing eviction action by the state government on the instruction of the Harapan-led Federal Government via the Wan Azizah led Joint Committee on Cameron Highlands Rehabilitation?

After connivingly instigating and successfully igniting the farmers hatred against the state government, all the Pakatan and DAP leaders went missing from Cameron Highlands. Even today, while the farmers are facing the misery, and MIC is standing firm on the ground with them, the DAP leaders including P. Ramasamy are busy doing what they are best at, live videos and political statements!

Being spineless on defending and championing the release of your own DAP leaders arrested under Sosma act on the grounds of supporting the LTTE movement, you are labelling MIC’s stand to be with farmers and our representatives decision to quit state positions as an act of deceiving the community. You are shameless and boneless; You don’t have any moral grounds to question our true intentions!

We demand P. Ramasamy to withdraw his allegations against MIC immediately without reservation, failing which MIC will file a defamation suit against Ramasamy at the soonest.


Press Statement by Datuk M. Asojan, MIC Secretary General