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MIC unfazed by Selangor PKR Youth’s ‘walk away’ warning

PETALING JAYA: MIC has brushed off the warning by Selangor PKR Youth for component parties in the government to walk away if they are not sincere in their support for Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s administration.

MIC vice-president T Mohan described the remarks by Selangor PKR Youth chief Izuan Kasim as a normal matter in any party assembly or conference.

“In any debate, it is typical for delegates to want to appear like heroes. The PKR representatives are no different. MIC remains unfazed,” he told FMT.

He added that the MIC leadership including its president SA Vigneswaran and deputy president M Saravanan had a good relationship with Anwar.

“At our general meeting, it also decided that this collaboration would continue.”

At the national PKR congress last week, Izuan had suggested that component parties in the unity government consider leaving the coalition if their support was not sincere.

He was responding to Saravanan, who was previously reported as saying that MIC would not hesitate to take “further action” against the government if “recognition” was not given.

Mohan said Saravanan’s warning should be viewed in a positive light as an effort to ensure the effective functioning of Anwar’s government.

“The request for recognition of MIC’s role in the government was normal, it was not a threat or form of pressure from us,” he said.

“It is necessary to provide feedback for the good of the government’s administration.”