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Penang MIC Blast Sanusi As Insensitive Kedah MB

GEORGE TOWN: Penang MIC today blasted the Kedah Menteri Besar as “an insensitive leader over Hindu sentiments” by unilaterally cancelling the state Thaipusam public holiday, which falls on Thursday January 28 this year.

Chairman Datuk M. Nyanasegaran suggested that MB Muhammad Sanusi Md perhaps should undergo a “race unity training programme” for self-refinement to become a caring and fair leader for all Kedahans.

He called on the PAS top leadership to reprimand and control the wayward Muhammad Sanusi, who seemed to have the tendency for perverse behaviour against the Hindu community.

“He is going out of line with ill-thought statements undermining the integrity and credibility of the Hindu community.

“If PAS is serious about its slogan ‘PAS for all’, then the party leadership should control their man,” Nyanasegaran told BMO.

The MIC leader said the latest federal government decision to allow the Batu Caves Thaipusam chariot procession in Kuala Lumpur had surely exposed Sanusi’s lack of competency and diligence in handling sensitive matters, let alone to lead the state government.

Nyanasegaran said in wake of the federal government decision, Sanusi should immediately cancel his own decision and reinstate the state Thaipusam public holiday.

“The Kedah government should at least allow a conditional chariot procession in Sungai Petani as how been allowed at Batu Caves.”


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