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Kedah MB is the Donald Trump of Malaysia – YB Sentor Dato’ Seri S.Vell Paari

DONALD Trump has vacated the White House but Kedah Menteri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor has adopted “Trumpism”.

First of all, let us get the facts right. Thaipusam and kavadi can never be cancelled and will continue to be observed.

Thaipusam comes in the Tamil month of Thai, when the star Pusam rises with the moon, hence, Thaipusam. But, due to the pandemic, SOPs have restricted mass gatherings, not only for Thaipusam but other festivals as well during the movement control order (MCO).

However, Hindus can still observe Thaipusam from their respective homes.

On January 14, Malaysian Indians celebrated Pongal (harvest festival). Since this took place during the MCO, celebrations and prayers were done at home instead of thronging temples.

Hindus carry the kavadi to fulfil a vow. Certain things must be observed before one carries the kavadi, for example, fasting. But due to the pandemic SOPs, there will be no kavadi processions or mass gatherings.

But nothing stops one from doing this at home. There are various different kavadis – from big ones to carrying milk in a small earthen pot. I do not wish to go into detail. But one can carry a small or big kavadi to one’s altar depending on the size of one’s house.

However, it would be difficult to do this if there is no public holiday.

Hindus have been observing Thaipusam for thousands of years and will continue for thousands to come. It is not something we got by default, like your menteri besar post. Thaipusam is permanent. Your MB post is not.

Both the prime minister and health director-general have advised all of us to remain at home as the pandemic rages. The SOPs for the MCO is in place. So, why do you need to cancel the public holiday?

The simple point is, Sanusi is upset with the criticism he received on the demolition of a Hindu temple. So, what better way to settle the score?

This is nothing but a classic example of bigotry. – The Vibes, January 21, 2021