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MIC Women Wing condemns Carlsberg for irresponsible Deepavali ads

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 13: The National MIC Women Wing today have expressed its disapprobation over the insensitive and irresponsible Deepavali advertisements by Carlsberg Malaysia.

“There has been a few videos and social media postings recently of young Indian women and men promoting a particular alcoholic beverage and brand in association with Deepavali, namely Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Berhad. Wanita MIC sees it as an insult to the sanctity of Deepavali and it’s significance as a Festival of Lights. Instead of promoting the victory of ‘light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance’, these postings promoting the alcoholic beverage to be in synonym with the celebration is indeed distasteful and irresponsible,” said MIC National Women Leader, Mrs SJ Usha Nandhini in her press statement today.

“Wanita MIC also views this as an insult and humiliation to the Indian women in the country. It is definitely a wrong way of portraying the Indian women and the Indian community at large. We demand Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Berhad and the marketing companies related to them to stop promoting, partnering or initiating these sort of advertisements or paid partnerships and certainly hope that the company will be more cautious and sensitive in it’s upcoming marketing campaigns as we live harmoniously in a multi ethnic society.”

“Furthermore, the increasing number of drink-driving cases is alarming and is of deep concern to the party leadership. Such promotion or marketing most definitely will contribute towards the further rise of such cases. We urge the government to allocate a special fund towards rehabilitation and curbing those involved in drink and drive, and other social issues stemming from the consumption of alcoholic beverage especially during the festive season. Wanita MIC will definitely protest against irresponsible breweries who contribute towards the rise of drunk driving, social issues and fatalities caused by such marketing campaigns especially during the festive season,” adds Usha further.

Usha also advised those involved in paid partnerships or influencer marketing on social media to owe a sense of responsibility on what they promote or market to their followers.

“We, Wanita MIC, urge you to be more responsible and mindful of your influence over your followers of all ages, gender, race and religion. Instead of promoting #CelebrateResponsibly, #InfluenceResponsibly will be more apt.”

“In this juncture, Wanita MIC, would like to urge everyone to stay safe, follow the SOPs, maintain social distancing and celebrate in moderation. Happy Deepavali!,” said Usha.

MIC Women Wing condemns Carlsberg for irresponsible Deepavali ads

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