MIC Women

The 34th National MIC Women’s Convention

The 34th National MIC Women’s Convention was held at Hotel Pacific on the 27th of July 2019. The Women’s Convention was officiated by Tan Sri SA Vignesvaren, President of the Malaysian Indian Congress. Congratulations to National MIC Head of State Pn. Usha Nandini Jayaram, the National MIC Women Leader.  The Women’s Convention was a power-packed day filled with launching of the Entrepreneur Bureau officiated by Pn. Usha Nandini Jayaram. Mrs. Shanti from Sabak Bernam, designed to energize and invigorate women leaders by giving new ideas and strategies to achieve and succeed according to goals and standards. This unique event brings nationally respected women entrepreneurs together with the area’s most talented professional women. The convention  celebration and  achievements of women from all walks of life in our diverse and thriving community, showcasing extraordinary examples of courage, triumph, kindness, compassion, transformation, skill and success. Our awards recognize, endorse and celebrate women who have successfully demonstrated outstanding achievements and who have contributed to the communities.