MIC Women


The National Info Team of excellence organized a brainstorming workshop on the 15th December 2018 in Nethaji Hall. This was to discuss and envisage future directions and perspectives for the evaluation of information access. A great appreciation to Mr Gunalan the National Information Chief who co-hosted the event. It was such a valuable event. The information retreat was indeed a wonderful experience for the women who gathered on the day. It was a path to good leadership. We had about 100 women participants who made this event meaningful on that day. The event had been organized as a “retreat” allowing women leaders to work back to back and propose hot topics where to focus in the coming years. This venue provided a really pleasant setting which favored discussion and concentration, abstracting people away from their day-to-day business, making the brainstorming workshop a real retreat.

All the participants have been asked to think about possible interesting challenges and discuss on possibilities of overcoming certain situations. Nevertheless the discussions, the enthusiasm, and the ideas that emerged during the retreat show that there is still a long way ahead of us for improving and advancing the information system in multiple media under several aspects. The topics and challenges proposed during this brainstorming workshop hit the boundaries of the discipline and do its best to disseminate and transfer this ideas to for an appropriate strategy and support in future endeavor.