MIC Women


As a strong believer of Sisterhood of Women, YB Usha Nandhini had initiated on conceptualizing an E- Bulletin titled Samyuktha – A Bond that Binds, which will exhibit the talents and skill of every women nationwide. Samyuktha depicts women as a strong, firm and feminine. Samyuktha symbolizes unity and also it is another name for Goddess Durga. The purpose of the bulletin is to provide guidance and help in interrelated development of the women in any field.  In the process of growing to love and nurture women will be more inclined to be confident and receptive to leadership opportunities. The Wanita MIC’s “S.H.E. LEADS 365” Leadership Programme In cooperating the Launch of Samyuktha was held on the 24th May 2019. The event was officiated by Tan Sri Dato SA Vigneswaran, President MIC and Honorable President of the Senate Parliament Malaysia.

There is a growing and glorious sense of sisterhood in every women. As a woman, we find other women relentlessly inspiring and motivating. We should all take time to distinguish how far we’ve come while never ignoring how far we still have to go in our society. We also need to look at what we can do to support and guide in every sector possible. Achievements are the building blocks that enable someone to construct a sense of themselves as a success. The achievements that matter most combine to form a version of success that has meaning and substance for the individual. Samyuktha plays its role in strengthening the economic role by exposing women to ways of reducing poverty, improving health and education. The term “grassroots” encompasses locally based and women-led wing in the political arena that have a mission to empower women and advance women’s rights on multiple fronts.