MIC Women


16th February 2019 was designated as the nomination day for the by election DUN N24 Semenyih. MIC geared up and gathered at Dewan Seri Cempaka MPKJ Saujana Impian Kajang .BN made its second victory in Semenyih. Partisans’ crowd surrounding Dewan Seri Cempaka MPKJ Saujana Impian today was a scenic of a Blue Sea. Our women leaders from different States and Divisions proved that their presence, potential and involvement today was undeniable.

An auspicious “Masi Magam Prayer” which was organized by our National Women Leader YB Usha Nandhini with the full support and participation of all our Wanita MIC Selangor and  Wanita MIC Hulu Langat at Sree Maha Mariamman Temple Sarringit Semenyih. As Masi Magam combines the benefits of abundance and prosperity associated with the Full Moon and the majestic quality of the Magha star, offering a unique opportunity to gain power and energy, lets us all be showered with the blessings of the Almighty.Somewhere in the secret chambers of a woman’s heart there is a gentle, persistent longing for holiness. We use various words to describe this longing: a desire for depth, for wholeness; a hunger for something more meaningful than our daily routine, something greater than ourselves.