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ONLINE SEXUAL HARASSMENT – Dato’ Mohana Muniandy, National Wanita MIC Leader

Few days back, one of our own Wanita MIC member was cyber bullied and it continues till today. An acquaintance created Tik Tok videos with inappropriate sexual remarks regarding her. She named her alleged perpetrator openly, demanding that he be accountable for violating her and own up to his act. She also lodged a police report and intending to bring this matter to court.

Wanita MIC has a zero-tolerance policy on sexual harassment and assault, as well as any other unwelcome physical contact, violence or threats of physical violence to women. Several Wanita MIC National Council members also lodged police report on regarding this incident.

Despite decades of attention, legal action and advocacy, this shows that sexual harassment remains a serious and pervasive problem across virtually everywhere. The severity of online sexual harassment cannot be undermined. Online Sexual Harassment is particularly harmful in the sense that it causes alarm and distress, compromising a person’s mental integrity.

We hope PDRM would take immediate action and investigate this incident thoroughly so that she may return to her day-to-day activities without fear of sexual harassment. Sterner measures must be taken both by the police and the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC)


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