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Stop Splitting the Indian Community Further – Datuk Seri M.Saravanan

MIC Deputy President M Saravanan has told Perikatan Nasional (PN) information chief Azmin Ali to stop courting Indians to join Bersatu, for his own political gain. 

This will further fragmentize the Indian population, which is already the minority, Saravanan, who is also Human Resources minister, was quoted saying by Malaysia Nanban. 

Saravanan was responding to reports that Bersatu, which Azmin recently joined after his exit from PKR, is planning to amend its constitution to attract non-Malay and non-Bumiputera members. 

“There is no need to invite the non-Malays, especially Indians, to support Bersatu, as MIC is already in existence within the PN coalition, to represent the Indians. 

“MIC has been around since the country’s independence. A number of other so-called Indian-based parties have cropped up since but MIC is the only one which has led the Indian cause. The country’s Indian population is already at 7.2 percent, there is no need to fragmentize it further for the sake of an individual’s own gain,” Saravanan, who is also Tapah MP, was quoted telling reporters after attending a religious function in his constituency. 

If the Indian community is further polarized, then their welfare will be neglected, he warned. 

“There are many Indians holding positions in other political parties, but they cannot champion the Indian community’s cause. 

“Indians should realise that MIC is the only party which can uphold them,” he said. 

Source: Malaysia Nanban
Photo source: Astro Awani