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UPU intakes had always been a much talked about issue and remains a subject of concern for the Indian community

• Do we know what it takes to secure seats in a national university❓ • Why do we still hear of some muttering over UPU placements despite good grades❓ •Are we doing it right❓ • How does this selection system work ❓ • Where do we go wrong and how can we correct it ❓

Join us as Putera MIC brings you another topic of discussion, UPU 20/21 Indian Intakes: What and How It Went Wrong?

30 minutes with Putera MIC is an online series which will feature several notable key speakers touching on real issues streaming live via Putera MIC’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/puteramic
Our panelist Ybhg Datuk P.Kamalanathan was a former Deputy Minister of Education and current Malaysian Indian Congress Central Working Committee member and Chairman of MIC’s National Education Bureau. Datuk P Kamalanathan will join us to give insights, tips and say it as it is on UPU intakes and how we fare and can do better. This session will be hosted by Dhanyaraam Chinathamby.

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