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Malaysian Indian Matriculation Dilemma: Transparency required from the Government

The widely speculated matriculation issue has to be put to an end soon. There is a need for the Pakatan Harapan government, particularly the Ministry of Education to step forward and provide an explanation as the matter only worsens as days pass by.

The question is,
what is the total number of seats allocated for Indian students?

A responsible government is one that is transparent. Pakatan Harapan had claimed to live by it in its governance.
Let the RAKYAT know the truth, cause we DESERVE to know it!

Pakatan Harapan already has a long list of FAILED promises and it is my hope that education, its institution and it’s business do not make that list.

Irrespective of political differences, education is what makes it possible for the community to stand out as equal with all the other people from different walks of life.